"Blackthorn Valley" 2016

Original artwork of mixed media (pressed flowers) on photographic print, preserved within retro gold frame, measuring 43cm x 54cm.


Photograph taken of Killarney Glen, Beechmont, QLD. The print is an Epson inkjet on rag matt paper. Pressed flowers include: Chrysanthemums, Roses, Orchids, Four leaf clovers, Fern leaves, Larkspurs, Daisies, and Queen Anne's lace. The frame is gold and black, with small floral details, made of timber and a polystyrene mould. This is an original artwork, therefore no other piece is like this one, as all my artworks vary in different pressed flowers and frames, due to what is available to me at time of creation. The flowers have been sprayed with a sealing finish to help preserve the quality, however they are organic forms therefore some fading or eroding may take place over time. To try avoiding this, please ensure the print/flower is kept out of direct sunlight. Please keep in mind the frame is second hand/retro, therefore there is some wear & tear - there is a small chip in the bottom right hand corner - but this adds to the charm! Please note, colours may differ depending on the monitor it is being viewed from.

Price: $200.00

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