Red Dress Series 2015 – (Ongoing)

My Red Dress series started as a visual travel diary of a recent trip to New Zealand. By creating self-portraits I was able to document my connection with and reaction to the beautiful country’s natural landscapes. I would set up the camera in the right position with the appropriate settings, and then ask my partner to assist by clicking the shutter while I intuitively ran, skipped, twirled, or simply admired the view. By using a 35mm camera to create the series, it allowed for no reflection on the technicalities of what sort of image was recorded, but rather enhanced the spontaneity of the experience. The repetitive use of the red dress represents myself as a foreigner to the location, allowing my figure to stand out in each scene, by continuing the narrative of the character’s journey.

Since the success of documenting my travels around New Zealand, I’ve decided to continue the project in Australia (this time with my digital camera) during my weekends when taking small trips to nearby locations, discovering what’s in my own backyard!