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Who Is She?

Phoebe Hofsteede is a photographer based in South-East Queensland, Australia, who specialises in portrait, fine art and fashion photography, where she is known to create worlds from her imagination.
Phoebe likes to think of herself as an artist who practices in the medium of photography in order to create her images, as she is quite often involved in all aspects of creating her work. From styling, costumes, prop and set design to hair & make up – Phoebe will spend weeks researching and developing her ideas, location scouting, tracking down the appropriate items through second hand stores, and putting together a team of people in order to bring her ideas to life.
Phoebe’s background studies in the visual and fine arts allows her to work intuitively, and has developed a style that is whimsical and romantic, yet dark and haunting.

To see more of Phoebe’s work, and her progress, please check out her Journal page, CV, or visit her Social Media pages: Facebook, Instagram and 500px.