Phoebe Hofsteede is a photographic artist based in South-East Queensland, who specialises in fine art, portrait and fashion photography, where she is known to create worlds from her imagination. Phoebe’s style is whimsical and romantic, yet dark and haunting at times, as she addresses many topics and personal reflections throughout her imagery. She likes to experiment with both film and digital photography, and most recently uses mixed media to express her love for nature, with an emphasis on sustainability by using recycled materials to create her works. Photography allows Phoebe to revisit childhood interests in fabricated stories, play and adventure, in which she often explores throughout her work, in the hopes of inspiring others who may have lost their childlike imagination.

To see more of Phoebe’s work, and her progress, please check out her Journal page, CV, or visit her Social Media pages: Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.